Prenatal Multi-Vitamin

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Prenatal Supplement to Keep You Healthy, Rested, And Your Unborn Baby Healthy Too

This prenatal supplement helps you and your unborn child stay healthy. And it even improves your chances of getting pregnant. Learn more here.

Are you a pregnant mother? While your pregnancy is a wonderful time in life, it comes with its challenges too.

Pregnant mothers often experience problems like difficulty sleeping, cramps, and feeling week and dizzy. You can also experience a number of other ailments too – have you noticed any? That’s because much of the nutrients you consume go straight to your baby.

That’s also why we carry this prenatal supplement. It has all the folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, and iron you and your unborn baby need.

What does folic acid do? It assists in the prevention of a number of serious disorders that affect your unborn child’s brain and spinal cord. It can also help your child avoid neural tube defects. And some research shows it may reduce the chances of premature birth.

The calcium ensures your child forms healthy bones and teeth. And it also promotes the proper functioning of their circulatory, nervous, and muscular systems too.

Vitamin D assists calcium in its work of giving your child healthy bones and teeth. During pregnancy, your need for iron doubles. It’s important you and your baby have enough hemoglobin, which transports oxygen throughout your and their body. Not enough oxygen can lead to serious birth defects that last a lifetime.






Consider Taking Prenatal Supplements Prior to Pregnancy

Taking the right supplements prior to your pregnancy can actually increase your chances of getting pregnant. And the effects of a prenatal supplement work best when they happen prior to, and during, pregnancy.

As always, make sure you talk with your doctor before you go on any supplement, and especially so prior to pregnancy. Monitor your own healthy carefully and notify your doctor of any changes you notice.