Phytoceramides (from Rice)


What if you already get plenty of ceramides in your beauty products? Most creams sink through the top layer of your skin and down into the second, at best. So in effect, you end up masking wrinkles, rather than really treating the source of the problem.

In tablet form, phytoceramides actually start at the fourth and deepest layer of your skin, working their way out. Plus, if they work just or more effectively than creams, you have to think about how much time you’ll save by simply taking a tablet. That could be up to 30 minutes!

Where Do Phytoceramides Come From?

You can actually find them naturally in rice, sweet potatoes, and wheat. They’ve only recently become available in tablet form because the FDA’s just cleared them for that use.

They’ve actually been used for decades already in skin and hair care products. They work by locking in moisture into your skin, which makes you appear younger.

What Safety Risks do Phytoceramides Have?

They’re pretty safe for the most part. Many come from bovine sources. They also often have a wheat-based source when taken in tablet form. So if you have an allergy to wheat, you will need to be careful.

As with all supplements, if you’re pregnant or nursing or trying to conceive, avoid phytoceramides. Not enough research has been done to know of any of the risks. And if you do go on them, make sure you tell your doctor first.

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Phytoceramides – The Bar-None Best Supplement for Aging Skin

Want to reduce the appearance of aging with no serious negative side effects? You’ll want to learn more about phytoceramides tablets.

You’ve seen all the fads over the years, and TV commercials that don’t end about skin and reducing the appearance of aging. Which of those even works? Have a hard time finding a supplement that does?

You can relax with phytoceramides because their anti-aging properties are quite well-known.

How do they work?

Easy, they contain lipids the same as your skin already has. They then mimic the actions of these lipids to make your skin appear more plump and youthful. Phytoceramides

then penetrate each of the four dermal layers of your skin.

They stimulate collagen, which makes your skin more plump and elastic. This also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They also help you grow a barrier that protects your skin against infections, inflammation, dryness, and sun damage. In some cases, they even reverse the existing signs of aging, such as crow’s feet.