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Where is L-Arginine Found Naturally?

You find it most commonly in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. So if you’re a vegan, or have vegans in your household, you may have a deficiency of L-Arginine.

What Safety Concerns Does L-Arginine Have?

Almost none. If you just had a heart attack, you shouldn’t go on it right away. Talk with your doctor about when that would be appropriate. Aside from that, no absolute health risks have been identified.

Several research trials have been conducted in pregnant women, and no concerns have been identified in that regard.

However, as with all herbal supplements, you should exercise caution and monitor your own usage carefully. Take L-Arginine only under the supervision of your medical doctor.


L-Arginine – Great All-Around for Supporting Cardiovascular Health, Regulating Blood Pressure, and Improving Sexual Health

Can’t get an erection? Does it last long enough? How’s your heart’s health? Have high blood pressure? L-Arginine may be just the supplement you need.

L-arginine is one of your body’s “amino acids.” It’s something your body turns into a chemical called “nitric oxide.”

In 1998, a research team of three received a Nobel Prize for discovering “nitric oxide” was one of the most important signaling molecules in your cardiovascular system. And some sources believe Alfred Nobel himself could have played a small role in its discovery.

And poor heart health in America? You’ve heard about it before. Currently, the American Heart Association notes that many people of all ages don’t have the best heart health they could have. Heart disease is also the leading cause of death for both men and women of almost all ethnicities in America.

What does the nitric oxide that L-Arginine converts into actually do? It does three things. First, it assists in enhancing your blood flow. Second, it helps you keep healthy blood pressure levels. And third, your brain and immune system both use it as a “signal molecule.”

In addition to sexual and cardiovascular health, L-Arginine may also reduce pain in legs with blocked arteries, improve symptoms of dementia in senior citizens, and to assist with kidney function. It can also be used in combination with many prescriptions that treat conditions like breast cancer, improve weight loss, and reduce migraine headaches’ intensity.