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How Safe Are Folic Acid, Biotin, and Vitamin B6?

Folic acid is likely safe, according to the Mayo Clinic, when taken in doses of less than 400 micrograms per serving. It may cause low blood pressure, so exercise extreme caution if you struggle with low blood pressure or take other supplements or prescriptions with that side effect.

Also known as vitamin H, biotin appears to be safe, even when taken in high dosages. Researchers do not currently know the maximum safe dosage of Biotin. Biotin can weaken the effects of certain medications, so make sure you talk with your doctor if you’d like to take biotin in addition to any prescriptions.

Vitamin B6 is likely safe when taken orally in recommended amounts. It can cause abnormal heart rhythms and low blood pressure. As with biotin, you should only consider consistent vitamin B6 use under the supervision of your doctor.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking this supplement. And as with all supplements, you should talk with your doctor before use and inform them of any changes to your health.


Strengthen Your Nails, Grow Healthier Hair, and Restore Your Skin’s Natural Glow

Want to improve the appearance of your nails, grow healthier hair, and have skin with a natural glow? Learn more about our Hair, Skin, and Nails supplement.

With a combination of vitamin B6, folic acid, and biotin, this supplement helps you grow healthier nails, hair, and skin. Research reveals that biotin is likely the most effective of all these ingredients in the growth of healthier hair and prevention of dryness in your hair. It’s also known to improve the elasticity of your hair so it doesn’t break and can grow longer.

In addition to helping you with your hair skin and nails, the vitamin B6 present is also good for relieving PMS symptoms, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Folic acid can also be used for anemia, digestive problems, and kidney or liver disease. Biotin has also been used for hepatitis, hair loss, and depression, but more research needs to be done to check its effectiveness.

You’ll want this supplement for strong nails, healthy hair, and a natural glow to your skin, and for the many other health benefits it may deliver.