CLA Softgel (conjugated linoleic acid) – 1000mg


Where Does CLA Occur Naturally?

You can actually find it in many common animal products like milk, beef, and especially any kind of meat. Beef has higher CLA levels when the animals are fed with grass rather than grain. You can also get it through sunflower oil.

Are Any Risks Associated with CLA?

There are some, but most are not serious. It can lower the good cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, in your body. It may lower your resistance to insulin, so diabetics need to exercise caution. And it can sometimes cause your liver to get more “fatty liver.”

As with all natural supplements, it’s a wise idea to only take it under the supervision of your doctor. And you should monitor your health carefully for any noticeable changes.

CLA Softgel –The Perfect Supplement for Bodybuilders and Weight Loss Enthusiasts

CLA helps you lose weight and retain lean muscle. It also improves your immune system’s functioning. Learn more about CLA here.

In its natural form CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid that’s important to your overall health. CLA’s been known to decrease body fat, and give you a “full” feeling after eating. As a result, many who take it experience weight loss.

One group of overweight women who took it regularly for a year lost 9% body fat. And they didn’t change anything else in their lifestyle. Those study participants did see changes in their heart disease risk factors and blood sugar levels, but these were not significant.

Others who take CLA do it to keep their lean muscle mass and to control type 2 diabetes. Small animal studies have shown CLA assists in preventing heart disease and several kinds of cancer. CLA has been shown to be most effective in those with the highest body mass indexes, and especially for women with a BMI of 25-30.

Other studies show CLA increases white blood cell counts, thereby improving the effectiveness of your immune system. Some studies have definitively shown CLA prevents some viral infections.

Researchers aren’t entirely sure why CLA helps with weight loss. It may cause fat cells to die completely, shrink, or it may speed up your metabolism.