Caralluma – 1000mg

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How Does Caralluma Work?

It’s simple to understand. First, it blocks an enzyme that helps your body create fat. When your body realizes it doesn’t have access to this enzyme, it metabolizes more of your fat instead. Second, it assists your body in suppressing hunger. That means you consume less calories. Your body starts to turn to existing fat in your cells. And that means more fat gets burned.
So, you lose more weight and get a more defined physique, without having to put all those agonizingly difficult hours of exercise in. As always, you’re wise to carefully monitor your own health and do so under the supervision of a doctor when on caralluma or any other natural supplement.

Where Does Caralluma Come From?

It’s a cactus native to India. Over there, you find it as a shrub along the road or as a border plant in gardens. You can also find it in Southern Europe, Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. The people of India have long known the hunger-suppressing effects of caralluma. Hunting tribesmen used to eat it to keep from getting too hungry during a long hunt.
While today caralluma is most often used for weight loss, it historically has also been used to quench thirst and to increase endurance.


Caralluma – The Fast, Easy Way to Assist in Burning Belly Fat and Lose Weight

Want to burn fat, increase endurance, and lose weight? Caralluma may be just the natural supplement you need.

Heart disease, poor sleep quality, lower self-esteem, and many other problems can result from being overweight. And it’s so easy to put on weight in modern American society. More jobs require more hours in front of the computer. Then you go home and spend time in front of your computer, TV, smartphone, or tablet PC.
Suddenly, you realize you’re not the fit picture of health you once used to be. Life moves fast, and especially so as you age and have more responsibilities.
As a result, it can be hard to spend consistent time in the gym and eat a healthy diet. For example, it can take several hours in the gym per week, and a super-healthy diet free from fat and sugar, just to maintain your body weight.
That’s where it makes sense to add a dietary supplement like 1000 mg of caralluma to your diet. It can be that simple, easy way you use to help you lose weight.