Biceps: The Bigger the Better

If you are looking for some tips on how to maximize your bicep workouts and see awesome results, check out these helpful tips:


  1. The biceps are made up of three major parts: the biceps brachii, the brachioradialis, and the brachialis. In order for your arms to get bigger, you’ve got to hit each one of these bad boys during your workout. Spoiler alert: the regular bicep curls you’ve been doing on arm day aren’t gonna cut it.
  2. Switch up your dumbbell curls to Zottman curls. In order to do this, you have to curl the weight with your palms facing up. Then turn your palms face down as you lower the weight back to the position in which you started.
  3. Get some resistance bands and use those to help perform the jettison technique barbell curl. The extra resistance provided by the bands will work out every part of the bicep throughout every part of the rep.
  4. Complete your close-grip inverted row with an iso-hold. Begin the pull at the elbows, and then bring your bar up to touch your lower chest. Be sure to hold it at the top.
  5. Focus on the biceps brachii short head with a Scott curl. Use the preacher bench pad to brace your armpits, and you won’t risk accidentally sneaking any momentum from your hips.
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