How to Gain More Energy

If you are looking for ways to harness more energy and have more stamina throughout your day, check out these handy tips brought to you by Mind and Body Supplements.


  1. Step away from the television. Many people sit down at the end of a long day and binge watch a favorite old television show or power through a brand new one. It’s a common belief that watching TV is a restful way to spend one’s time; however, a study from the University of Michigan seems to show otherwise. Their research shows that watching television can actually be very tiring. They also state that the older a person gets, the less benefits they receive from sitting and watching television. Taking a walk outside will do more to restore your focus and energy than watching a few episodes of tv on Netflix.
  2. Don’t give into an easy fix. Plunging and spiking glucose levels facilitate an extremely unhealthy energy cycle of lows and highs throughout the day. It’s okay to use caffeinated food and beverages in a pinch, but don’t let your body come to rely on them every single day. It is advisable to split your lunch in half, and eat part of it as an afternoon snack when you feel your blood sugar starting to dip or your energy beginning to wane.
  3. Be sure and drink enough water. Most people don’t drink the recommended amount of water per day. It is important to stay hydrated because this allows your body to perform at peak levels. In a case study by the United States Army, they found that even dehydration levels that have dropped 1% have an effect on people and that 8-12 ounces of cold water can get things back on track.
  4. This one might sound a little silly, but give it a try. Rub your ears. By rubbing your ears between your thumb and forefinger, you’ll stimulate all of the energy planes throughout your body. This will give you an unexpected burst of energy. Traditional Chinese practitioners of medicine have been using this technique for centuries.
  5. Try adding vitamins and supplements to your diet. If you’ve tried all of these tips and are living a life of balanced diet and exercise, your body could be lacking some of the nutrients it needs to perform at its top capacity. Check out all of our homeopathic products and natural supplements at Mind and Body Supplements today.