Benefits of Going Vegan

  1. You’ll find it much easier to eat your recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Instead of a side dish or a small snack, these staples will become major parts of each meal, ensuring that your diet is more nutritious. Eliminating animal products from your diet decreases the high amounts of saturated fat that were a part of your diet when you were still consuming meat and dairy products.
  2. Your energy levels will increase. Professional athletes cite a vegan diet as helping them gain the much needed energy to perform at such a competitive level. NFL player Tony Gonzalez attributes the best years of his career to switching from an omnivorous diet to a vegan one. Similarly, Mike Tyson lost 100 pounds by going vegan and continues to extol the benefits of a vegan diet during press and appearances.
  3. Your cholesterol levels will be lower. There is actually no benefit to consuming animal fat. When you remove it from your diet, you will also lose all the negative effects it has on the body. A research study in Korea demonstrates that both cholesterol and body fat levels were much lower in vegetarians than omnivores. It goes without saying that eliminating all animal products from your diet will only further benefit these area.
  4. Your diet will be much higher in fiber, which is better for your body. Vegetarians get a lot of their calories from dairy and eggs. These foods are totally devoid of any fiber whatsoever. People who fill up on these items don’t have much room left over for fiber-rich plant foods. High fiber diets offer benefits such as regular detoxification and elimination, diminished risk of rectal and colon cancer, and prevention of kidney disease.


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