3 Fun Ways to Be Workin’ On Your Fitness

  1. Kundalini Yoga is a practice in which the physical, mental, and nervous energies in the body are harnessed by the individual’s will. These yoga classes combine postures, body locks, eye-focus, breath, mudra (movements), and mantra. This practice works to bring balance to the body’s glandular system, boost lung capacity, purify the blood, and fortify the nervous system. This type of yoga is perfect for homemakers, career persons,  and anyone who has to deal with the stress and challenges of raising a family, managing a career, or both. The challenges of life in 2016 often require some extra help. Kundalini Yoga is a great way to destress the mind and the body.

  3. There are major benefits to taking barre classes on a regular basis, such as: weight loss, reduced stress, increased flexibility, muscle definition, and improved posture. Individuals at any fitness level are encouraged to try barre classes; even pregnant women are welcome. Barre is a low impact class that combines Pilates, yoga, and ballet. Light free weights, planks, and push-ups are also incorporated into the routine. No dance experience is required, and regular attendance combined with a healthy diet will result in sculpted, beautiful muscles. You will not experience any bulking up and will instead notice a smaller waistline, toned abs, and stronger thighs.

  5. Zumba began in Colombia in the 1990’s when aerobics instructor Beto Perez forgot a CD and used one of his own for class. Zumba, Latin slang for “fast,” is a dance style aerobics class to traditional Latin music.  In Zumba classes, you can expect a high intensity cardio workout as you dance along to merengue, salsa, cha-cha, soca, samba, cumbia, hip hop, and reggaeton. The more you attend class, the easier it will become for you. The instructor dances in front of the room so that the participants can watch and copy them. Each song involves a set of repeated movements so that the routine is easy to follow


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