Choosing Happiness: The Path to Positive Mental Health


The concepts of health and wellness don’t just apply to the body; they apply to the mind as well. Choosing to live a life of happiness can do wonders for your mental and emotional state. Many people may want to do this but just can’t seem to figure out how. Oftentimes it doesn’t feel like happiness can be a choice, but consider the following tips that could make a huge improvement in your mental state of mind.


  1. Create Tangible Goals: Making enormous goals or setting unrealistic expectations for yourself is a sure way to have a hard time reaching that goal while having a difficult time in the process. Planning and writing out clear goals enables you to have a solid direction and active plan for achieving your desires and dreams.

  3. Evaluate Your Missteps: It’s easy to think of a mistake as a failure. Instead, look at it as a learning opportunity. Evaluate what went wrong. Then readjust your goals and plans as needed in order to not make the same misstep again. Using a mistake as an improvement tool is a way to be proactive about your happiness.

  5. Prioritize Flexibility: Having an open mind and the ability to roll with the punches is key. It is easy to become frustrated when life isn’t going the way you want. It is your choice whether you let life’s curveballs knock you off course or if you do a quick recalculation and pivot out of the way.

  7. Be Kind to Yourself: It’s cliche to say that we are our own worst enemy, but there is also some truth in that statement. It’s easy to engage in negative self-talk or even thought, without even realizing it. Would you treat your best friend the way that you are treating yourself? Forgive yourself for making mistakes, and move on. You can’t grow if you let your mistakes keep you stuck in the past.


The human body can’t tell the difference between a physical experience that causes an emotional response and an emotion that is created based on thought process alone. Giving into the temptation to worry about something negative possibly occurring causes the body the same amount of stress as an actual negative event would. Making the choice to shift your focus of thinking to things that are pleasant and positive will encourage your body to activate many of the benefits of health that are associated with happiness. Be sure to check back for new blogs from Mind and Body Supplements in order to learn more about physical and mental wellness.